Documenting the Bush Legacy of Failure

Bush Left Obama a $1.2 Trillion Deficit    [more...]

…the projected deficit was $1.2 trillion before Barack Obama set foot in office….

Bush Failed to Keep America Safe    [more...]

When asked about George W. Bush’s greatest achievement, Bush hagiographers are quick to claim that “He kept us safe.” And when we ponder that sentiment, we can only wonder at the human capacity for delusion, especially when it was on Bush’s watch that the U.S. suffered the worst attack on its soil since Pearl Harbor.

The Bush Recession(s) UPDATED    [more...]

Two recessions occurred on George W. Bush’s watch, the current one (that began in December 2007) being of catastrophic proportions. Here are the facts…

Middle East Bush Failure: Ahmadinejad’s Iran    [more...]

In the Middle East, the Bush Administration experienced several foreign policy failures that can be viewed as direct consequences of its ill-conceived 2003 invasion of Iraq. One of the more prominent failures was the June 2005 election of hard-line Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. With its policy of preemptive war and open belligerence toward Iran, the […]